Weather Driver

My current personal project is codenamed Weather Driver. This is an iOS application targeted at Truck Drivers and other people who travel on the road. This application will allow them to better plan their trip around the weather. You will be able to enter your destination, chose a route, and then see the weather at various points thru-out the route.

This uses WeatherKit API from Apple, along with MapKit. This will have a server side component to handle getting the weather from Apple. The server side portion of this application will be written in Node.js.

How I decided to build this application, I drove 18-wheel for about 3 years. Part of my job as a Truck Driver was to plan my route based on the weather, I always found it tedious to check both the route I had to travel and the weather at multiple locations along the route.

I’ve been thinking about this project for over a year and finally have the tools to build it. Follow me as I build this project out and bring it to market. @JJAllenTech