Android Bootcamp [Day 1]

As part of this course I took a Git refresher, is a great course. I have been using git for quite a while. One of the things that I haven’t done in a while is setting up the SSH Keys, so that was a good refresher.

Another part of the bootcamp has us going thru, the Android Fundamentals by Tutorials. Today I read thru chapter 1 and 2. Installed Android Studio on my mac.

Chapter 1 was basically overview of Android OS topics. Some of the topics they briefly discussed were activities, services, content provider, broadcast receivers, intents , content resolver, app manifest, resource files, Gradle build system, life cycle.

Also Attended the first live session. Most of that was going over the structure for the course. Also they showed how to use the git client they use. I won’t be using that one, I’ll be using Git Fox or GitHub Desktop as my Git Client.

Chapter 2 was basically getting Android Studio installed and create first project. Talks about the layout of Android Studio, and how to create a virtual device. Some of system images are much different then they used to be, there is one with API level “UpsideDownCakePrivacySandbox”. It went thru getting a hello world application running in an emulator or a physical device.

Also it tells you to turn on Live Edit and where you do that in the menus. Also shows what you need to do to update the SDK.

I’ll start on Chapter 3 tomorrow.