Vision Pro Development [Day 1]

Today I’ve also decided to learn some of Apple Vision Pro development, since I have a pre-order in for one.

I found an older playlist, By Flo Writes Code.

It was very informative on what the buttons in the simulator are supposed to do and how you are supposed to navigate the virtual world.

As part of the video playlist I’ve learned about NavigationSplitView which I’ve never used before. I’ve used NavigationView and NavigationStack before but not NavigationSplitView.

Another new thing I learned from this playlist is how to have a textfield inside of an alert in SwiftUI.

I will say even thought I am really decent at SwiftUI seeing how other developers handle some of the workflows in SwiftUI gives me ideas of better ways to do things in my own codebases.

Something I learned while experimenting is if you use an alert you can’t dynamically control the buttons based on the textfield, say to have the button disabled if there is no text in the textfield.

Another thing I learned also while experimenting, if you create a Vision Pro app and then try to back port it to the other platforms you can’t do that, but if you want it to be available on all of them you should start with an iOS application template.

I’ve gotten thru the introduction, the first 3 lessons for today and went down a few rabbit holes on it, an I can feel my energy draining, so I think I’m calling it a day for today.